Practical questions

If I recommend your agency to an acquaintance / friends / family, am I entitled to a discount ?

Yes we will be able to grant you a reduction of 5% on the HT and excluding ticketing and promos

I suffered a plane delay of more than 3 hours, can I be compensated ?

The Sturgeon judgment of 19 November 2009 extended the right to compensation to passengers on flights delayed by more than 3 hours (on arrival at their final destination). This judgment refers to the European regulation EC 261/2004 which provides a lump sum compensation per passenger of 250, 400 or 600 euros depending on the distance traveled by the flight when the delay on arrival at the final destination is 3 hours or more. Therefore, if the delay of your plane is less than 3 hours no compensation is provided.

Note: “Arrival time” means the moment when at least one door of the aircraft opens (and not the landing time).

Special case: the compensation can be reduced by 50%

Despite a delay in arrival of 3 hours or more, it is possible that the compensation paid to you by the airline is reduced by 50%. Indeed, the European regulation provides that in case of theft of more than 3,500 km, which lags 3 hours to 4 hours on arrival at the final destination, the airline may only pay 50% compensation. This feature does not apply to delayed flights of less than 1,500 km nor flights delayed from 1,500 to 3,500 km.

Beyond 4 hours late on flights over 3,500 km, 100% of the lump sum must be paid to the passenger (or 600 euros).

What circumstances give entitlement to compensation?

Have you had a disruption on your flight and are not sure if your case is eligible for compensation? European Regulation EC 261/2004 protects air passengers who are victims of a canceled, delayed, overbooked flight or missed connection and provides compensation to the company that operated the flight in the following circumstances:


Delay of more than 3 hours upon arrival at the final destination

Missed match causing a delay to the final destination (more than 3 hours)

Refusal to board (following an overbooking)

Cancellation of flight by the airline (when the passenger has not been notified 14 days in advance minimum)

Can all flights give rise to compensation?

Unfortunately no. European Regulation EC 261/2004 may apply in the aforementioned cases from the moment the flight concerned falls within its scope. Geographical and / or nationality criteria of the companies are to be taken into account. You can therefore claim compensation in case of delay of more than 3 hours on arrival at the final destination, cancellation or denied boarding due to overbooking in the following cases only:


The flight departs from an EU airport (or Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) even if the airline is not European

The flight originates from a non-European airport but the final destination is an EU airport (or Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and the flight is operated by a European airline (Icelandic, Norwegian or Swiss)

Are there cases where compensation is not possible?

Indeed. The European regulation provides that “extraordinary circumstances” (impossible to control for the company) exempts them from paying compensation to passengers, even in the event of cancellation or long delay. On the other hand, overbooking is still the responsibility of the company. If you have been denied boarding for this reason, you can claim compensation.

If the cause of the delay or cancellation is not attributable to the company and that it had put all the necessary means for the successful completion of its flight, you can not claim the compensation provided by the regulations EC 261/2004. This is particularly the case in the case of: adverse weather conditions (strong winds, snowstorm, ice storms on the slopes, thunderstorms …) political crises (risks of) terrorist attack health crisis airport staff strikes

I forgot a personal effect at destination, how to do ?

On your travel journal you have the contact details of the on-site service providers to contact

I found a better price at a competitor, can you align ?

Do not hesitate to contact us if it’s the case on +33(0)2 98 83 60 00

Can I only book a flight ?

Yes, do not hesitate to contact us on +33(0)2 98 83 60 00 so that we can answer your request, your dates, your budget etc …

What do the terms check-in and check-out mean ?

The term ” check-in ” means check-in when arriving at a hotel, at the airport and the ” check-out ” check- in upon departure.

I wish to be contacted, how to proceed ?

The most direct is to contact us call us at +33(0)2 98 83 60 00, you can also email us through the quote request form or visit the agency Summer escape, rue Hélène Boucher – Z.A to Mescoden , 29260 PLOUDANIEL.

What travel insurance can I take out ?

Before leaving, you can take out insurance assistance / repatriation and insurance cancellation / luggage. With supplement, please contact us

Can I buy airline tickets online for a group ?

In order to buy airline tickets for a group, we advise you to call our call center directly at +33(0)2 98 83 60 00 or to make a request on

Where to find a stay at the best price on our website ?

We advise you to visit the special pages that are in the sections ” Promo ” ” stay ” and ” circuit ” These pages include the best rates of the moment.

Can I find stays from my area ?

We offer a large number of products with departures from the main provincial cities. You can enter the main stay / tour engine using the ” departure city ” drop-down list where you will find the city of your choice. We have more choices at the agency with all departures from BREST contact us at 0298836000 or

Can I choose my accommodation plan ?

You can choose your accommodation : double room or single room for one person and your formula

Can I choose options for my stay ?

Some trips offer options such as excursions, transfers, travel documents … you can select these options on the quote page.


How to find a rental if I do not know the area of ​​the resort I want to go to ?

We have more choices at the agency contact us at +33(0)2 98 83 60 00 or


I want to go on weekends , in which section should I look for information ?

You can go to the week- end and short stays tab of the site as well as in the tab stay. We have more choices at the agency contact us at +33(0)2 98 83 60 00 or info@agence-ete.c om


How and why register and unsubscribe from the newsletter ?

You can subscribe to the newsletter from the home page. You will find it at the bottom of the page in the left column. Simply fill in your email address and you will receive newsletters offering a selection of products.

To unsubscribe, simply click on the ” unsubscribe ” button at the bottom of the newsletter.

Personal data

What about the data I provide on the website ?

The information you transmit through our website is strictly confidential. This information is used for processing your order. Our group is in conformity with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relating to the computing, the files and the freedoms, modified by the law n ° 2004-801 of August 6th, 2004.

Sécurity of payment

Is my payment secure on the internet ?

yes, the website, has an SSL certificate that guarantees the security of online payments.

In order not to make you hack your personal data by providing the coordinates of your card on any site, it is necessary to be attentive to some points:

check, when paying online that the url in the address bar is: https: // … The “s” added to the usual http means “security”;
the symbol of a closed padlock must also appear in the address bar of the e-commerce site. If this is the case, you can transmit your personal data safely.
In order to fight against fraud, an e-commerce site has the right to keep your banking data to facilitate your subsequent purchases only if you have previously agreed.

Airport taxes

Airport taxes : what is it ?

Airport taxes are mandatory and determined by the airlines. They are used to finance airport maintenance, security, fuel taxes …

Are there child fares on airlines and how old are they ?

Yes there are child rates. Its rates are applicable to children under 12 years old. Rates vary by company.

For a child traveling alone, the airline generally applies an additional cost. These tickets are not bookable online. We advise you to contact our call center at +33(0)2 98 83 60 00 .


Are there any rates for babies? How old is a baby ?

Yes there are baby rates. Are considered as baby under 2 years. Babies have no place.

What is a low cost flight ?

Low cost flights are flights offered by non-scheduled airlines. Fares are often more attractive than traditional airlines when the ticket is purchased early enough. Ticket prices are calculated on the way and not on the return journey . The services on board are generally paying (snack …). The low cost network extends across Europe and does not offer long haul.

What is a charter flight ?

A charter flight is a flight chartered by a tour operator serving a particular destination during a given period.

What is an e-ticket or an e-ticket ?

It is a plane ticket that you receive by email and that you must print and take with you to the airport. It is to be presented at check-in and serves as a ticket.

Why do airline ticket prices vary for the same flight ?

For the same route the airlines offer different rates. The more interesting the tariff, the more restrictive it is (validity, no possibility of modifying or exchanging it …). Prices may also change as a result of the Yield M anagement. This practice consists of adjusting prices according to demand. The goal is to optimize the turnover according to the filling rate of the aircraft.

What are the different classes offered by the companies ?

Companies offer different categories of cabins. The prices vary according to these cabins which offer different services (space, seats, meals …)


What is the best time to book a stay at the best price ? Is it better to buy it in advance or at the last moment ?

To benefit from attractive rates, there are the first minutes that can be bought about six months before departure. There are also the last minutes that are reserved from fifteen days before departure. In the last minutes you may experience availability issues

What is the difference between a hotel and a club hotel ?

A club hotel offers entertainment services within the hotel (themed evenings, activities supervised by animators …).

What is the difference between a circuit, a stay and a handset ?

Unlike a stay, a circuit consists of stages organized upstream by the tour operator who sells the circuit. You will not spend all your holidays in the same place but you will travel from city to city. A handset mixes stay and circuit. You can start your holiday with a stay and go on tour at the end or conversely start your holiday with a tour and finish with a stay.

What is the difference between full board and all inclusive ?

The full board includes in the price of the service the 3 meals of the day, namely : breakfast, lunch and dinner. The all inclusive covers all meals and all local drinks consumed during the stay. Beware, imported drinks are paid locally. You must check what the formula actually includes when you buy a stay in all inclusive.

Do short breaks include transfers (station-airport) ?

If you choose your stay in the ” stay ” part, the transfers are in the majority of the cases supported in the chosen product.


What are the different types of rooms that we meet at the hotel ?

The hoteliers offer double rooms with a double bed, twin rooms with two twin beds, single rooms which in most cases are subject to a surcharge (variable depending on the hotel) , the triple equipped with an extra bed, the quadruple equipped with two extra beds.

Y did -it extra beds for children in double rooms ?

Yes, we must make sure that the hotelier specifies it or ask if it is not the case.

For any questions you can contact the call center on +33(0)2 98 83 60 00 .

Are there any special beds for babies in double rooms ?

Yes, we must make sure that the hotelier specifies it or ask if it is not the case.

For any questions you can contact the call center on +33(0)2 98 83 60 00 .

Can I book a hotel that we know is not in the catalog ?

Yes, you can contact us at the agency at +33(0)2 98 83 60 00 to study your request.


How to book my trip ?

You can pay online, make an estimate with our call center or make an estimate to our agency.

Online Payment

What if my reservation is not successful ?

If your booking can not be completed we advise you to contact our travel agents on +33(0)2 98 83 60 00 to finalize your order.

If I book on the internet when will I receive my travel documents ?

You will receive your travel documents 72 hours before your departure at the latest. If you do not receive them within this time do not hesitate to contact our customer service on +33(0)2 98 83 60 00

Make a quote

What is the validity period of my quote ?

An estimate has no special validity period with our travel agents except that the amount of your trip may change. It is only a proposal subject to modification (taxes, exchange, price …).

Is the internet offer the same as in your agencies?

In general, the agency offers a greater number of products because it offers tour operators that are not salable online and you will not find on our website

Payment / Receipt of order

How to book without indicating my bank details on the internet ?

If you do not wish to enter your online banking details for the stay / tour / rental part, you can call our travel agents directly on +33(0)2 98 83 60 00

Can I pay for my trip in a few times ?

A 30% of the price of the trip is required when booking. The balance is to be paid one month before departure. For dry flights, the full price of the ticket must be paid upon booking.

Which means of payment do you accept online ?

You can pay with the following means : VISA card, Mastercard card , credit card.

Which means of payment do you accept at the agency, at the call center ?

You can pay by cash, check and credit card. The chè holiday c are also accepted.

Can I pay for my order with multiple credit cards online, in the branch, on the phone ?

Online you can only pay with one bank card,

Amendment / Cancellation of my order

How to change / cancel my reservation ?

For any modification or cancellation, please contact the place where you made your reservation. For a reservation made online or an estimate made at the call center, please contact our travel agents on +33(0)2 98 83 60 00

Where can I find information about my trip ?


I have not received my summons what should I do ?

You must contact the place where you made your reservation. For a reservation made online or an estimate made at the call center, please contact our travel agents on +33(0)2 98 83 60 00

What documents do I need to bring with me to go on a trip ?

For the flight, you must bring your e-ticket, for the hotel, your voucher, for a stay / circuit / rental your travel book, for the DP your e-ticket and for the hotel your voucher .