Take off and go on a sea or river cruise in France or abroad, with family , friends, between members of a club or association, among colleagues, let yourself be carried on a fado air along the Golden River : the Douro in Portugal , see also the gems that line the legendary V olga , longest river in Europe located in Russia, go for an exceptional cruise on the D anube between Budapest and the Balkan Peninsula  , travel out of time to the rhythm of the Mekong River, Vietnam, to discover the fabulous sites of Ho Chi-town and the temples of Angkor or go down the mythical N there to discover the most emblematic sites of Egypt, temple of Luxor, Edfu, Abu Simbel …. Let yourself be charmed by a romantic cruise in France, on the Rhine between Koblenz and Strasbourg or leave locks on the Rhône, from Lyon to the Camargue. Your agency summer escape you about e a wide selection of cruises on the seas and rivers of the world From the Mediterranean, the Caribbean to South America, the fjords … we advise you and guarantee quality services through our partners . So m ower on the course like the g rand explorers to live the moment s intense s and unforgettable !    

starting from 99 € per person